Taipei style NITS is emerging with intimate link onto purest surgical tradition and contemporary something truly new. This put forward intellectual and technical directions of physiological operative tresspassing all barriers of habits, in places dazzling.

Although meditative individual who is spontaneously fit for NITS symposium can certainly take care of oneself, let us declare some practical advices on Orientation/Accomodation/ Food/Transport:

The symposium takes place in the Lecture hall 114 of the Building A11 in the University Campus. The main entrance into the University Campus Brno is on the opposite side of Campus Square shopping mall under the hanging bridge for pedestrians over the Netroufalky Street connecting both these. This bridge runs on the Campus side into the Building A22. Be knowledgeable of this area see
Building A22 Masaryk University and then the Building A11 Masaryk University...or pull simply the mouse pointer to the right from A22 to A11...
 In reality – in the first floor of the foyer of the Assembley Hall in the Building A22 turn to the right, enter into connecting passage of particular buildings of the campus. There turning to the left and continuing alongside the gallery you will face after about hundred footsteps the entrance of the Building A11 at your left. In the ground floor of the building you find the Lecture hall 114. The cloakroom and sanitary facility are at disposal.

Aparthotel Campea
in the Studentska Street 1 is comfortably reachable on foot. One can find favourable accomodation in some of the hotels or lodging houses located in the Hlinky Street nearby the Exhibition Ground. Advantgeous is their direct connection with the University Campus by Trolleybus line No. 25. This is reachable within 15 minutes. The price of the ticket is 25.- KCZ.

Directly in the area of
Campus Square Brno are situated restaurants Campus River and KFC. Restaurant Campea you can find in the Netroufalky Street 7; Restaurant Okruh Pub lies in the Rybnická Street 75, i.e. on the route of trolleybus line No. 25 / about 20 minutes walking distance from the University Campus. Other Restaurant Železná růže (= Iron Rose) is situated at Hlinky Street 48.

From the Aparthotel Campea after 10 minutes of walking pace you reach the Main Entrance of the Campus. From the Hlinky Street you need 15 minutes (from other part of the town approprite more) driving by trolleybus line 25 getting off at University Campus stop. Taking a taxi from the city you will pay 200.- KCZ.
Sorry, parking of the car is a demanding task for now. If you opt drive by your own car, turn from the roundabout in the Netroufalky Street in the direction of the Restaurant and Hotel Campea and search parking place there. Then you reach the symposium venue within about quarter-hour.

We are looking forward to seeing you with a pleasant anticipation of vivacious, genuine, sharp, inquiring, joyful and enriching discussion.